Saturday, September 13, 2014

I felt very inspired and challenged when reading Sal Khan’s article on being smart versus showing effort.  I agree that effort should be the focus over perfection or the correct answer.  I was so inspired I further searched for more articles and resources.  I found another article “Reinforcing, Reminding, and Redirecting” and books: The Power of Words, Choice Words and Opening Minds: Using Language to Change Lives.  I plan on purchasing them and working on language that I can feel authentic about using.

There was an interesting take that rather than do a shout out for a kid: “I like the way Johnny is standing in line.”  Turning that into “I see that some students have remembered the procedure for lining up.  This puts the ownership and pride on the students.  The students must then self assess whether or not they qualify for the praise. Students need to begin working on whether or not their performance is ok rather than rely on the teacher to praise them.