Friday, November 7, 2014

Entering a new state of thinking about exit slips

When I saw an article “The Many Uses of Exit Slips” by Robert Marzanno, I thought this would be an easy pat on the back for me.  I have been utilizing exit slips in math and recently expanded them to more curricular areas. But what I realize is that I have really only scratched the surface.  Marzano spoke about the four different ways you can utilize exit slips.  I realized upon reading this article that I have really been using exit slips only one way- getting formative assessment data.  

I would like to utilize them more in student self-assessment.  I can see asking questions after writing asking students to assess their effort (especially in editting).  I can also see using some instruction strategies in science/discovery ed to inquire about what part of the lesson they felt were the most informative (videos, explorations, etc.)

I have a low-tech way of collecting exit slips (stickie notes on a poster board).  But that system is working for me (and my aging eyes).  Now I need to ramp it up and use it more regularly in a wider variety of ways.